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Season 2 Registration is now closed.

Thank you to the 196 players who made this league a success!

Triip Cup Champions:

SOBO18 (Captain)

Triip Cup Finals:

#1 2-4 #2


#1 4-0 #5

#2 4-0 #3


#1 4-0 #8

#2 4-0 #7

#3 4-3 #6

#4 2-4 #5

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VHL Commissioner Update

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1VHL Commissioner Update Empty VHL Commissioner Update on Fri May 08, 2015 3:56 pm


To all VHL players,

First off I’d like to thank all of you who have joined VHL and are making it a growing success! I know a lot of you are in the dark as to what’s been happening so I wanted to provide a brief update.

Obviously season 1 did not go entirely according to plan. Due to several reasons, the league’s administration, GMs, Captains and Commissioner agreed to suspend play. We apologize for this as it came unexpectedly. While season 1 may look like a failure, we like to focus on its successes, which we are looking to build on for season 2.

With regards to the upcoming 2nd season of VHL, currently league administrators are working on creating a more organized league. We are expanding from the original 4 teams to at least 8 as well as creating different departments who will handle league issues as a group. What that means for you, the players, please continue to be patient with us while we finish our preparations. Stay updated with the league through our website as more details are released. Most importantly make sure you are registered for season 2. If you we’re on a team for the end of the first season make sure you contact your former GM and let them know you will be returning next season. If you we’re a free agent or haven’t signed up at all yet please reply to the thread regarding season 2 signups.

If you wish to play a bigger role in the league contact an administrator as we are always looking for members to help out in our departments, whether it be Transactions, Disciplinary, Media, GMs or even if you possess valuable skills that we may need such as web design or coding. Again we appreciate your patience and we look forward to seeing you in VHL’s second season. GMs are being selected soon and we plan to open Free Agency soon.


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